Oshi Dashi!

 Posted by Bob the Hamster on May 19th, 2005

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I totally drew this Dragon Sumo in high school. I’m not certain, but it was probably in Mr. Helmantoler’s American History class. That was a great class for doodling. I’m not sure why. It wasn’t like it was a boring class, and it wasn’t like I never payed attention to the lecture– I payed close attention, and wrote notes on everything. Mr Helmentoler belived in note taking, to the exclusion of homework, and insisted his students exercise his simple and well-organized form of note-taking, which involved him handing out an “outline” in advance, and us filling in the notes for each topic. It caused me to learn and retain a great deal, and still have enough time to sketch things in the margin.

I am glad that I kept and scanned my doodles.

I kinda wish I had kept and scanned the rest of the notes ;)

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