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[Bob Slurping Coffee]

Sweet glorious caffeine! How I have missed your bitter kiss! ... er, I mean... Good Morning! Why Coffee? Actually I am not much of a coffee drinker, but I remembered a few of my best stories have been finished under the influence of caffeine, so Coffee! Edgar Allen Poe had his opium, Ernest Hemmingway had his alchohol, if I am to become a great writer, perhaps I can save myself from more dangerous vices by turning to the lesser muse of caffeine! ;)

Actually, coffee isn't the only thing I will spend donations on. I will also use money I raise from my writing to cover my internet hosting expenses, to pay for upgrades to my game-playing internet-browsing word-proccessor (AKA my computer) and perhaps most importantly, to register ISBN numbers for my books.

Ways to Contribute

Send a Paypal payment to Bob-paypal@HamsterRepublic.com

Purchase the +Royalty version of my Paperback Collection


Writing-Related-Caffeine & Misc Donations Fund Status Thanks to:
2004-11$8.00Lynndee, Jeremy, Julie
(Paypal deducts a small fee from donations, so the donated amount might not match the amount I recieve)


Funding goals

first goal 10 ISBN Numbers $225.00 Having my own ISBN numbers will make me an official publisher, not just some guy publishing a book. I will be able to list my books in Books In Print, sell my books on Amazon, and people will be able to order my books from Brick-and-Mortar bookstores
first goal 100 ISBN Numbers $800.00 The more ISBN numbers you buy, the less they cost. $800 is a big investment of course, but if I publish 31 books in my life, this is the better deal. And I do intend to publish that many books, but ah! Baby steps, baby steps.


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