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Paladin Traducer

 Posted by Bob the Hamster on August 20th, 2015

Paladin Traducer is a color-matching tile game with some RPG elements.

Depending on which types of units are included in the matches you complete, they will launch attacks against the Paladin. Multiple attacks will raise your damage multiplier, but completing matches without any attacks will reduce your damage multiplier.

You cannot lose– the goal of the game is to defeat the Paladin as quickly as possible, getting the highest score.

traducer0006.bmp traducer0019.bmp traducer0020.bmp traducer0021.bmp traducer0022.bmptraducer0018.bmp

I created this game for the Slimesalad One-Month All-Mouse Left-Click OHRRPGCE Game Contest (2015)

You can download it from here:

Download from Google Play Store

My biggest source of inspiration was Swoc: of Swords and Blocks by Baptiste Villain. It is a great game, with similar but more complex gameplay mechanics. In SWOC, your player tile deals special attacks against enemy units, whereas in Paladin Traducer there is one single enemy unit (the Paladin) and you control all the other Puzzle Demon tiles.

The music was created with Ben “GreaseMonkey” Russell‘s