Dadaist Music from Doron Sadja

 Posted by Bob the Hamster on April 26th, 2005

One of my favorite musicians is Doron Sadja. He is most well known* for his ultra-obscure CD A Piece of String, a Sunset, which features a 12 minute track which includes a single 12 minute musical tone which begins in a frequency above the range of human hearing, dropping into the range of painful “good-lord-what-is-that-screeching?” human hearing several minutes into the song, and continuing soothingly** down below the range of human hearing.

For a limited time (sorry, i don’t know exactly how long), you can download for free Doron’s latest work, with his band ChOcklate CaKE from Sadjeljko from it is not as acoustically aggressive as some of his other work, and people with no previous experience with this kind of experimental music can actually enjoy this.

This style of music is difficult to categorize, but if I had to do it, I would call it Dadaist music. Dadaism is a mid-20th century art movement, characterized by “Deliberate irrationality and the rejection of the prevailing standards of art”, which is a pretty good description of what Doron’s music is all about.

But don’t take my word for it, Listen to it for yourself.

* By “well known”, I mean that there are actually other people besides me who have heard of it, but the number of people who have heard of it in comparison with the overall music listening population of the world is statistically insignificant; less than a sampling error.

** The end of track 01 of “A Sunset a Piece of String” can only be described as “soothing” on the forgiving scale of comparison. When something has been causing you pain for the better part of eleven-and-a-half minutes, and suddenly it is gone, the sensation you experience is quite a pleasant one

[Edit: corrected album title. “A Piece of String, a Sunset”, not “A Sunset, A Piece of String”. I am dyslexic]

[Edit: Link to Doron’s new band instead]

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