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 Posted by Bob the Hamster on January 11th, 2021

In the year of 2020, one of my favorite ways to relax and de-stress was to read web comics and graphic novels. So for New Years 2021, here are some of my favorites, and why I love them

BUUZA!! – by Shazleen Khan

Why I Love It

BUUZA!! (exclamation marks mandatory!!) is a story about close-quarters friendship and long-distance romance set in a modern fantasy setting in Asia.

I really love how subtle the fantasy elements are in BUUZA!!’s world. Even though it seems as if almost everyone has some type of magical power, these powers get used very sparingly, and never seem to detract from the real-world vibe or the late 1990’s look and feel.

I also like that the stakes of the story are balanced just right, and although the troubles of the larger world aren’t absent, the story is able to put the focus on the individual characters, their growth and small triumphs, and the relationships between them.

Sometimes good fantasy isn’t just about magic powers or prophesy or shapeshifters, (although all those things are very fun!) Sometimes good fantasy is about emphasizing the parts of reality that best support the story, while letting go of some of the sorrows and harshness of the real world, in order to give the story, and the characters in it, the space they need to speak to us. That’s why I love BUUZA!!

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