Evil Lincoln Clone #255

 Posted by Bob the Hamster on June 4th, 2005

Current mood: Losing Focus

You can only clone a man so many times. Genetic matter decays, even in stasis. Soul copies lose resolution. It is the Law of Entropy. Lincoln Clone #10 was a peacemaker. He calmed the warring tribes of northern Canada. Lincoln Clone #17 was a genius. He designed the first fission suppression device, from which modern area nuclear denial shields are descended. Lincoln Clone #44 was a great poet. he wrote the Ario Nokte and translated it into eighteen languages before he died. But it could not always be so. We knew the power of the Lincolns was fading. People said that a great soul spread so thin would diminish, and he would become like an ordinary man; but it was not so. Every iteration was as powerful in mind and body and spirit as the last, but the focus, only the focus failed.

Lincoln Clone #255 is pure evil. He poisons the sky, burns the earth, and steals the lives of our children. Now, we, my brothers, so diminished in our strength, must ride against him. Had we fought back in strong times, we would certainly have prevailed. Now nothing is certain. We must fight now, before our annihilation is certain.

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