Posted by Bob the Hamster on June 9th, 2005

Current mood: Evil (ish)

We now interrupt your regularly scheduled bacon for this important announcement:


Try delicious new BACON™ brand BACON™! Now with absolutely no HUMAN SOULS™!


No, no, no! That’s not right! Let’s start again!


Try delicious new BACON™ brand BACON™! The only bacon which does not now nor has it ever contained any HUMAN SOULS™ whatsoever! Our BACON™ is made from the purest, finest, freshest most lushious and delicious slices of real pig. Yes, real pig is what the children ask for, and parents who love their children feed them BACON™! Buy BACON™ brand BACON™, and buy it with confidence; and remember! BACON™ brand BACON™ contains no HUMAN SOULS™! Nope, none! Not at all. No SOULS™.

BACON™ and HUMAN SOULS™ are registered trademarks of THE BACON CORPORATION. All rights reserved. Infringe on our intellectual property and our lawyers will eat your soul! Eat it with BACON™!


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