Plant Rights (featuring Stumpy the Stump!)

 Posted by Bob the Hamster on June 14th, 2005

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Hola! My name is Stumpy the Stump! How ya doin’ kids? I’m here to teach you about plant rights. Yep, that’s right. Plants are people too! Just because we don’t have DNA or Mitochondria or Formula D, that doesn’t mean we don’t have hearts and souls… well, actually, we don’t have hearts, as such, our circulatory systems are very different than yours, but we still have heart.

Sadly, the entire plant kindom is facing grave danger from human activities, including Logging, deforestation, vegetarianism, and chia pet abuse. Many humans are unaware of the suffering they cause to plants each and ever day. Few realize that plants died to provide them with their hardwood floors, toothpicks, post-it-notes, and stradavarius violins! Open your eyes, friends, and look around you! How many things do you use every day that are constructed from dead plant? How many of our children do you eat every day? That’s right! Fruits, nuts, and certain vegetables are our reproductibe progeny. Next time you take a bite of an apple, shed a tear for the tree that is grieving for it.

Does it have to be this way? No. Will animal-kind– especially humankind, always oppress and torment plant-kind? No, it will not always be so. Will we some day live in harmony? Or will our roles be reversed? Only you can decide that, my fragile nutirent-rich human friends.

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