Supreme Enlightenment

 Posted by Bob the Hamster on July 1st, 2005

Current mood: Enlightened

What is the nature of Supreme Enlightenment? I asked the master.

The master breathed deeply seven times, and then opened his eyes. Supreme Enlightenment is elusive, he said slowly. The mysteries of life are many-fold, and perfect harmony is always hidden. True enlightenment requires a lifetime of devout meditation.

What of those who are not monks? I asked. How will the rest of the world find time in their busy lives to seek Supreme Enlightenment?

The master scowled. Why should those who are not monks seek Supreme Enlightenment? That is our task. We seek enlightenment for them, and then once we have found it, we tell them what it is.

How can one be told of Supreme Enlightenment? Will they believe us? Will they listen?

If they do not listen, said the master, we will hit them with sticks. He raised the Heavy Stick Of Supreme Enlightenment over his head and waved it around a bit.

But master! I do not understand! I wailed.

The master hit me with the stick.

And I became Enlightened.

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