Danielle (Artwork)

 Posted by Bob the Hamster on July 22nd, 2005

As I was sitting this morning eating Blinnerunchfast* this morning, I was reflecting on the difficulty involved in drawing really beautiful noses. I drew this caricature of my friend Danielle, and was frustrated by the number of times I had to erase and re-draw her nose. Unattractive noses are easy to draw. You simply pick the most obviously wrong feature of an unattractive nose, and exagerate it, and the nose simply looks right. A beautiful nose, on the other hand, needs to be just right, and if you do the tiniest thing wrong, it shows. In the end I usually give up, and end up over-simplifying beautiful noses. By going minimalist (notice the complete lack of nostrils?) I reduce the number of errors that I as the artist can introduce into the nose, and I trust the viewer the fill in the rest of the beautiful nose with a suitable one from their imagination.

If you have never seen a beautiful nose, and are unable to imagine one, then you have my pity, but I can do nothing to help you today.

*Blinnerunchfast: A meal that can only be properly eaten by time-travellers. It starts out like brunch, turns into dinner, then goes back to lunch again, and finishes up with a little more breakfast.NOTE: This picture uses PNG transparency, so if you are using Internet Explorer, you will see a big unsightly black box around this picture. Just another reason you should be using Mozilla Firefox instead!

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