Thief, Acolyte, Consort
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Flying Eye Goddess
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Murder at the Tarsal Shore
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Catt Zago - Drawn by Hikarukaze


Segna Ur-Segna - Drawn by MeltyPeach


High Priest Lemmy - Drawn by Rizal

A Fantasy Series by James Robert Paige
Catt Zago has had a lot of adventures in her life. She’s been a thief, a pirate, a smuggler, a mercenary, a con-artist, a prisoner, a fugitive and more. Now that she’s wiser and more experienced, she has settled down and decided to turn over a new leaf. She has become a priest of the Polypantheonic Temple, a small temple devoted to the little gods that don’t have enough worshipers to support big fancy temples with big marble columns in the more prestigious part of town. It’s good honest work, and Catt likes helping people for a change. Sometimes though, a Polypantheonic Priest may find that there is still no way to get the job done without breaking a law or two.

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Book 3 of the Polypantheonic Series (2024)
Catt was looking forward to a vacation at a peaceful luxury resort. She was anticipating a reunion with the brother she hasn't seen in years, but now her brother-in-law is dead, everyone is a suspect, and she might be next.

Catt Zago’s luxury vacation and family reunion has been interrupted by a murder! She knows a thing or two about committing crimes, but not so much about investigating them. If she can't solve this mystery, she and her brother might be next.

Who did it? Was it the retired executioner with an axe to grind? Was it the woman who claims to be a god? Was it the wizard who insists that the living doll that he carries around isn't a daemon? Or was it their host– a kindly man of excellent hospitality who absolutely never takes off his copper skull mask for any reason?

To make matters worse, none of those suspicious characters has a motive. The only person who has a reason to hate the victim… is Catt herself!

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Book 2 of the Polypantheonic Series (2023)
Catt Zago’s big brother leaves her behind in a temple school and runs away to sea to become a pirate. Naturally she sneaks after him and stows away– On the wrong ship! Adventure and danger await her as she tries to find her way back home again.

Catt’s big brother takes care of her, but when it seems like trouble is brewing in the port city where they live, he puts her in a temple school and runs away to sea.

Catt runs away from the creepy school and tries to follow her brother, but she accidentally stows away on the wrong ship!

Adventure awaits Catt, along with piracy, shipwreck, magic scrolls, thievery, a mermaid who wants a bargain, a man who stole her brother’s name, and a murderous sea-captain who is most certainly not her mother.

Will the courage and experience that Catt finds along the way be enough for her to save her brother from the cryptic trap he has fallen into?

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Book Cover
Book 1 of the Polypantheonic Series (2020)
Catt Zago used to be a thief– now she is trying to make a fresh start in a new city. She didn’t plan on stealing a King… but she didn’t plan on falling in love either.

A new city and a fresh start was what former thief Catt Zago was looking for, but what she found instead was Great Bakak, a city-state ruled ancient tradition and full of everyday magic. A place full of many gods and many people. A place where the King rules supreme, but the royal executioners seem to be calling the shots.

What Catt didn't expect was to meet a fascinating woman, a professor of magic at the local wizard university, doomed by a strange bit of luck to become the next King.

Catt wasn't planning on committing any crimes, this was supposed to be a safe place to start over, but now, could she really be contemplating stealing a King?

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Catt Zago

Catt Zago used to be a thief and a mercenary. She definitely might have stolen some of gold, and she could possibly have made various people very angry for various good reasons.

No, she would rather not discuss that right now, she has put it behind her.

In this case, “putting it behind her” means fleeing across deserts, and forests and mountains (and maybe just one more desert to be safe) until she arrives at the isolated but thriving city-state of Great Bakak, where she hopes to start a new life.

What kind of a new life? Well, Catt is going to play it by ear, but she would like to stay out of trouble with the law, avoid any complicated entanglements, and try to take it easy for a while.

What could possibly go wrong?

Segna Ur-Segna

Segna is a Professor of Magic at the University of Bakak. Devoting her life to the study of magic, and to the education of young wizards has left her with little time for much of a social life, but sometimes she does like to get dressed up and attend a public festival for the feasting and the dancing.

She was an only child, and an adopted child, and her parents have passed on, and although she has been too busy with her work to examine the feelings, she is a bit lonely, and is more open to a change in her life than she might even know herself.

When the opportunity comes up to add her name to the Royal Lots, she would normally decline politely, and continue enjoying the festival, but today? Today maybe she will say “yes”.

Looking for a Rare Temple? Need to Worship a Foreign God?

Simply Want to Find a Deity Who is Right for YOU?


High Priest Lemmy has a lifetime of experiencing servicing worshipers of ALL Gods. We give you the personal touch that the big temples can’t. All pantheons, all alignments, all geo-spatial domains, if you can worship it, we can help! No god is too small, no holy book is too forgotten, no divinity is too far away. Weddings, christenings, funerals a specialty. Don’t think we’ll know your god? Don’t be afraid to ask.

Uncertain? Join us for all-denominational wailing and chanting twosday and foursday evenings at sundown. All welcome!

Visit the PolyPantheonic Temple, 41 Red Forge Way, Ground Floor, Marketday District (Turn West from Sausage Row, behind the Garment Bazaar)

Bring this flier with you for half price on your first blessing!

*Some limitations apply **Blood sacrifices exempted ***Schedule ahead for worship parties of 10 or more


James Robert Paige


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