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The contents of these stories are words, and as such, they are to be read, and remembered, and above all, shared. These words belong to you who read them, but these words also belong to he who wrote them. Please respect his ownership of them.

The Old Man of the Forest
2008 - Cryptofiction - narrative *
But a small part of him did not die. That small part of him remained there sitting beneath the old tree, and he slept, and rested, and regained strength. And when he awoke he was surprised to be still alive.

Hope and the Elephant
2004 - Sci-Fi - narrative
A father and daughter take a telepresent walk in the park.

Pirate Hunter Maynard
2004 - Anacronism - narrative
A retro-futuristic re-telling of Blackbeard's showdown with Maynard, set on the deck of Blackbeard's Pirate Zeppelin Revenge.

The Dubious (But True) Tale of My Death (And All That Preceded It)
1999 - Fantasy/Humor - 1st person
The invention of the rudder, the draining of the sea, the undead, immortality, and a leg of mutton.

Quarter After Six
1999 - Humor - narrative
Ed's crush on That Girl, and gratuitous Ninja combat!

Of Bombs and Puppies
2000 - Humor - 1st person
Jury duty, running from the law, World Peace, and THE BOMB

Fear of the Step
2002 - Fantasy - narrative
"Never swim in the forest. Never run in the shade of the trees. If you find a path, do not follow it. If you lose your shoes you must walk on the paths. Never lose your shoes."

2003 - Fantasy - narrative
"...and the Tower rose so far up into the sky that the soil of the Lul seemed like only a memory..."

Protein Bars
2003 - Humor - 2nd person
Have you every wondered why protein bars are only sold in those great big boxes?

It Closed With A Click
2003 - Sci-Fi - 1st-person
A road-trip to the edge of the end of the world

Never Go West
2003 - Western/Surrealist - 1st-person
"You can't go West, cause if you do, you can't come back. an you can't go East, cause that'll just take you back where you been before."

The Wand of Happy Fluffyness
2003 - Humor - narrative
In which Gnippy the Gnome wrecks havoc with his Wand of Happy Fluffyness

Smeared Fingerprints
2003 - Surrealist - 1st-person
"The memories are stains on my mind ... You can't wipe them away, you can only smear them around."

Leviathan (audio available)
2002 - Fantasy - 1st-person
A violent storm, an unspeakable horror, and the cold quiet depths.

2003 - Fairie-Tale - 1st-person
A re-telling of Grimm's classic fairie-tale, taken from the perspective of Rumpelstiltskin himself

Marble Game
2002 - Fiction - 1st-person
A puzzle, a game of probability, played for life and death.

The Games at Utgard
1998 - Mythology/Humor - narrative
A re-telling of a Norse myth; gods, giants, heroic games, and a suspiciously heavy sleeping cat

You Scared Me
2003 - Romance - 1st person
"Without letting my hand leave hers, I picked up the lanterns. I only re-lit one of them. We didn't say anything. The walk back out the narrow passage felt like a dream."

Words And Blades
2002 - Fantasy - narrative
A dialog on emptiness and purpose, in the Land Behind the Sun

The Great American Novel
2003 - Classic American Literature - narrative - 370 words
An epic, heart-rending, genre-defining tale of one man's struggle for identity, meaning in life, and coming of age. First penned by master storyteller James Paige on the back of a napkin in a Thai restaurant.

* Any stories marked with a star are too new to appear in the printed collection, but may appear in a future collection.

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