Things to do today

 Posted by Bob the Hamster on April 10th, 2005

Current mood: Apathyphobic

Today, I am going to sculpt a sculpture from clay, another from alabaster. I will draw a few sketches, finish a short story I have started previously and start writing a new one. I will read the rest of that giant Neal Stephenson novel I am working my way through. I will piece together the black-primed burned wood fragments I prepared last weekend, and paint a picture on them and mount them above the couch. I will clean my apartment and do the dishes and vacuum. I will run three miles. I will go to the swap meet. I will make phone calls to friends I haven’t seen in ages, and catch up on their lives. Then I will spend the evening programming, an hour and a half on an old project, and hour and a half on a new project. I will bake something.

… or at least I will lay on the couch with the windows closed and the lights off and think about doing all those things.

Actually, I will be happy if I do just one of those things. I will be very unhappy if I do zero of them.

Monday Morning Edit: Yay! I did two-and-a-half of those things, and therefore I am happy!

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