Raku is made of burning!

 Posted by Bob the Hamster on December 11th, 2007

Raku is made of burning. It is sort of like love, except that it is done with ceramics and a lot of flammable natural gas. Raku glows red hot, and you drop it in a bucket full of newspaper and let it burn, and when you take it out it is beautiful.

Music Reviews and Time Portals

 Posted by Bob the Hamster on September 27th, 2007

Current mood: time-warped

The review I posted yesterday of Sex Club Reject’s new album was criticized by some as being too full of hyperbole. To those naysayers, I would refer this article I just read hot of the AP:

Thursday, Sept 27. Researchers in Italy published a new paper suggesting that the Renaissance, a historical period of cultural and artistic advances which brought Europe out of the Dark Ages, may have in fact been triggered when a five second clip of a Sex Club Reject song accidentally fell backwards through a rift in time from Hesperia California in 2018 back to the city of Florence in the late 13th century.

In related news, other research from the same team suggests that the Permian–Triassic extinction event may have in fact been triggered when a 13 second clip from a Sadjelko track fell back through a time rift from New York 2006 to somewhere in the middle of Pangaea 251,400,000 BC

GXP12L-Q-R5 Hyper Mega Ultra World-Destroyer Cannon

 Posted by Bob the Hamster on September 26th, 2007

Current mood: Filled with musical notes

For the past week I have been enjoying the new Sex Club Reject album. My friend Josh is the mastermind behind SCR, and he asked me to do the spoken-word vocals on track 07 “Pow Boom No!” It strikes me as fascinating that so many of my favorite musicians are actually people I actually know, and even count as friends. For the past few decades, the world of music has been about big stars, and I see that big-star-world crumbling. The big stars can’t realistically compete with the myrmidon tiny stars anymore. Not for my ear anyway.

Sex Club Reject

SCR’s music covers a wide range of styles. It exhibits more versatility than what I see out of most other bands, as it touches upon rock, and metal, and emo, and dance, and techno, and love-ballads, and desert-rock, and beatles-esque rock and punk and industrial and many points in-between, while managing to be good on all fronts, and getting steadily better every time I hear more of it. I am obviously not an impartial source here since I have known the band’s lead since we were both in grade-school, and my voice is featured on the new album, but still, with all the impartiality I can muster, I insist that this album is several different kinds of awesome, and if Josh’s music keeps steadily increasing in awesomeness at the same rate that it has increased over the past ten years, then by 2012 he will reach a level of widespread acclaim that is the post-RIAA-apocalypse year-2012-equivalent of superstardom*, and by 2017, Sex Club Reject music will cure blindness, eradicate cancer, and cause military dictatorships to crumble.

Anyway, thanks to the magic of the interwub, you don’t need to take my only-mildly-hyperbolic word for it, you can simply listen for yourself.

*After the ashes of the RIAA-Apocalypse settle, I expect that the leather-clad spike-covered vigilantes and mutants who survive will enjoy a landscape of music appreciation similar to the one described by John Titor where the lines between making music and listening to it are blurred. Where even the greatest talents in the world still have to work a day job, yet even the modest beginners get a chance to jam along with everyone else, and music merges with daily life in an integral way that will almost become spiritual… So basically kinda like Jazz, except for *all* music.

Who Shot Bob the Hamster?

 Posted by Bob the Hamster on July 2nd, 2007

Current mood: coma-ey

I was too distraught to post about this earlier, but yes, it is true, somebody has shot Bob the Hamster!

He’s in the hospital right now, in a coma. The details of the attempted assassination are still unclear. Because the Hamster Republic has no standing police force, we are asking the public for help in investigating the crime. You can find details here. Apparently the shooter was arrogant enough to leave a string of cryptic clues to his identity.

Math puzzle for today

 Posted by Bob the Hamster on June 13th, 2007

Current mood: Mathy

I have often heard it said by computer security type people that using real words in a password is a terrible idea, and that all passwords should be made of random letters numbers and punctuation.

So here is your math puzzle for the day. Estimate which is of the following is a better password:

(1) 8 random characters that may include lowercase letters, uppercase letters, numbers and any punctuation found on a generic keyboard.

example: (mR{Yu_g
(2) 3 random words from the english language. They have to actually be random, and not just three words that you picked from your imagination.

example: dotard mane skycap
Be sure to show your work.

Brief Blog-Urge (and art pictures!)

 Posted by Bob the Hamster on May 30th, 2007

Current mood: blog-urged

I am still alive. The blog-urge has not left me, it is just hard to find time to draw anymore, and I hate posting a blog without a drawing.

Here is a sculpture I am working on:

And here is something Genevieve painted recently (which I think is beautiful!):

Pixel Angel (pixelation)

 Posted by Bob the Hamster on March 24th, 2007

Current mood: pixelated

I drew this inside the OHRRPGCE‘s built-in sprite editor. I drew it for the Castle Paradox Miss Pixel 2007 contest, but I was just a few hours too late for the ending deadline :(

A few more pictures at gilgamesh

Leviathan (book-on-mp3)

 Posted by Bob the Hamster on February 26th, 2007

Current mood: scratchy and staticy

I have finally tried my hand at something I have wanted to do for quite some time– a Book on MP3! I recorded myself reading my short story Leviathan. The sound quality is bad, because all I had to record with was my laptop’s build-in microphone, and if you listen carefully you can hear my cat and dog chasing each other around in the background, but overall I think it is pretty listenable. To hear it, go to click here

I offer 1000 cool points™ to anyone who can record a better version of this :)

Black Rabbits Scootering Club (sketch)

 Posted by Bob the Hamster on January 22nd, 2007

Current mood: patchy

This is Bosco. He is applying to join the Black Rabbits Scootering Club. He owns his own motorcycle, and has been riding solo for about a year-and-a-half. He has never been in a motorcycle gang before. He is secretly hoping to meed a nice biker babe and start a family.

He doesn’t know a lot about motorcycles, but he is totally pretty sure that his isn’t a cardboard box.

202 key Keyboard

 Posted by Bob the Hamster on January 15th, 2007

Okay, all you hackers better be jealous of me now, because I finally got ahold of my very own NmrgTech 202 Key keyboard. Only manufactured from october 1994 to january 1995 by now-defunct Bulgarian computer manufacturer NmrgTech, the NmrgTech202 is one of the most sought-after pieces of keyboard history.

It features function keys F1-F21, F0, FN and F*, plus tab, vtab, backspace, double-backspace, sidespace, switchspace, diagonal arrow keys, extended numeric pad with common fractions, “eject” button, hard-power-off button (conveniently located right next to the space-bar) CAPSLOCK, lcaselock, StudlyCapsLock, blocklock, blockbreak, and of course all standard alphabetic keys with QUERTY/DVORAK shift-states, plus diatribes for every single non-cyrillic european language, not to mention the exclusive letter “vluh” forgotten letter of the alphabet, which was written on a parchment by the ancients and locked in a cave in a mountain for a thousand years and not permitted to be used in any words of any language until it was discovered by NmrgTech engineers who were on a vacation to Nepal.